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I am literally so appalled I can't vocally articulate it.  Instead, I'm going to do it with evocative prose.

So Squatter Roommate got a week's extension on moving out, because my landlord is a more decent human being than I am.  His deadline was yesterday, so you'd expect that he'd spend the extra week packing, preparing, maybe moving some boxes out as a prelim.  Because that would be sensible thing, right?

But no, because it's the sensible and socially responsible thing to do, and Squatter Roommate has proven to be neither of those things.  My landlord came up to check on things around one yesterday afternoon, when SR had not only failed to pack up any of his shit, but completely disappeared.  He didn't packing up until 2 a.m. THIS MORNING.  While I was SLEEPING.  He and his shady friend were banging around moving the goddamn tv in the middle of the fucking night.


Apparently, he asked Billy if he could leave one or two things on the porch until he could come back for them, by Wednesday at the latest.  "One or two things" apparently means A HUGE FUCKING PILE OF CRAP, because SERIOUSLY, there were six coats, about eight hundred pairs of shoes (I know women who own fewer shoes than this asshole), like three boxes of books, his fucking guitar amp, and a small end table. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.  SR has a very different definition of "moving out" than I do, and he's really lucky that Billy didn't let me throw all his shit out into the alley.  Because I REALLY wanted to.

He was a filthy, filthy man, and when he left the room he left a residue of grime on the walls and an atmosphere of STINK.  A whole day of scrubbing with various cleaning products only got the worst of the grime off the walls, and I can still SMELL him under the Pine-Sol.  I sound like a fucking crazy person, but I really can't stress enough how thoroughly disgusted with this whole situation I am.

The crowning glory on this whole situation is that when I asked him for his share of the bill money for September and October, months he definitely lived here, he blew me off with a "fuckin' bitch" comment.  EXCUSE ME.  I KNOW YOU ARE PISSED BECAUSE YOU GOT EVICTED, BUT GROW THE HELL UP.  
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I've been sleeping rather well, although I woke up this morning and my room felt like the Sahara.  All our radiators are on now, and leave a horrible whistling and dry heat in their wake.  The heat bothers me, and the noise upsets Dizzy like nothing else I've ever seen.  This morning he was making sad little distressed noises that were pretty much heartbreaking; I sat with him snuggled into my chest until I had to leave for work, which seemed to soothe him a bit.  He's currently hunkered down under my ear and into the crook of my neck.

I've been handed a project at work that is almost too big for me.  I'm calculating damages for an entire class, and the defense council demanded it today before they filed a motion to compel.  Suffice to say, I did not get it done; I had to take some of it home so I can hopefully get it done by the end of the week.  If they file today it won't go through until Friday, so hopefully it'll be done by then so my attorney can be like, "Here Judge, this is what they so doucheishly asked for, we have it right here."

I ate a caramel apple yesterday, and it tasted like autumn.  All the leaves are turning color and looking beautiful, and I can wear my awesome woolly slippers around the house.  I love fall.
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Over the weekend, my parents helped me move a bed frame and a boxspring into the apartment so I don't have to sleep on the floor anymore.  It's more comfortable and better ventilated, although floor space is in short supply.  Luckily the apartment is established in such a way that I'm only really in my bedroom for sleeping; my desk, and computer are both in the common room next to the birdcage, in order to foster socializing and communal behavior.

I'm essentially moved in, only have a box or three left to unpack and it's mostly kitchen equipment.  I've definitely been slower on unpacking my dishware because my boyfriend doesn't live in a cardboard box and has plenty of dishes and glasses.  I'll get it sorted out eventually.  I need some under the bed storage for my room, because my dresser is too small to fit all my clothes and my room is too small to unnecessarily take up floor space.  And now I have a bed frame to fit things underneath.

Work is going excellently.  I work primarily with two of the partners in the office, and today they both told me that they thought I was doing a fantastic job; that I had accomplished everything that had been asked of me in an exemplary manner, and just generally going above and beyond what was expected of me.  It made me feel really warm inside and maybe my Christmas bonus will be awesome.

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/comic nerdery

I am so far EXTREMELY impressed with the fall television line-up.  Everything I know and love is back and strong (the season premier of House was one of the best episodes I've seen since second season) and if you're not watching Glee, you really should be. 

I'm in for NaNo, guys.  I don't know what I'm doing, but hell, why not?  I have a couple of story ideas up my sleeve.

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Ikea was predictably awesome.  I procured a very nice glass shelving unit, to properly display my miniatures (and in doing so, hopefully get some more painting done on them), and also a duvet cover, pillow cases, and comforter for my bed.  I have always wanted one of the sets that stores have on display - the made bed with the eight hundred matching pillows and color-coordinated sheets - because they always look so PRETTY to me.  Well, now I have the beginnings of one, and if Ikea had had sheets with better thread counts I'd have matching sheets already as well.  But this is why God invented Target.

I'm playing in a War Machine tournament in two weeks, and my goal was to have all 500 points that I'm playing with painted by then.  I'm starting to doubt my ability to do this, because when it comes to painting figures I am SLOW.  I spent two hours or so on my caster and he's only up to about half done, and I'm not even sure I like how he's coming out.  If I really hate him when I finish I'll strip him after the tourney, but right now I've got enough to do.  I've got several pirates to finish, as well as one of my character solos and (I'm sure) there are bits of my jacks that need paint.  At least Billy is letting me borrow one unit, so I not only don't have to paint them but I didn't have to buy them yet.


Weirdly enough, the hanging-out dreams with ZQ continue.  Last night I think we were, like, sitting on a sofa reading with the t.v. on.  It's like my brain needs faux-relaxing time, and has decided it needs it with hot dudes.

(I'm totally ok with this)
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Since I moved back from Iowa, the mattress I was sleeping on has occupied the garage.  It is a lovely, serviceable double that I've slept on for most of the past eight years or so, and I was thrilled when my mother said I could take it to school with me.  Of course, when I did, my parents promptly bought a queen sized bedframe and mattress to put in my room, so that people could continue to use it as a guest room.  This is the bed I've been sleeping on since I got home, since I obviously can't have two mattresses in one room.

I am in love with this bed.

It's squishy but not uncomfortably so, it's big, it's wonderful, I sleep soundly on it.  Now that I'm moving out in a couple of weeks, I'd started resigning myself to transferring back to the double and readjusting my sleep habits accordingly, and frankly it was making me sad to know I wouldn't get to sleep on this mattress anymore.

But yesterday I received wonderful news: my parents sold the beach house they owned part of!  And we get to bring back all the furniture we had there!  And by the way, Martha, do you want the queen mattress up there?  No?  Well, how about the one in your room now, and we'll just replace that one with the beach house mattress?

So I'm incredibly pleased, even though the room I'm moving into is not big and the mattress will likely take up 90% of my floor space.  I love this bed and I get to keep it.

Continuing to enjoy Netflix.  I watched Cthulhu the other day (made recently, not the old black and white one or the one from the eighties) and I have mixed feelings about it.  It is very Lovecraftian, and it has a decidedly amateurish feel to the camerawork, which I think might actually be beneficial to the effect.  I dunno.  It's short, so at least if you don't like it, it doesn't last very long.

Priceless, on the other hand, is lovely and charming and satisfying.  A very solid French romance with Audrey Tautou, who I think is gorgeous.

IKEA tomorrow, for to buy shelving.  I love buying housewares.
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The receptionist in my dad's office got fired yesterday, and the partners in his firm were apparently all "Is your daughter doing anything?  Because we like her.  She's friendly and stuff."  So all of a sudden I have a real job, in the real world, with a real salary and benefits and everything.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed about it, because even though this is exactly what I was looking for I sort of expected there to be an interview process and all of that, but I'm not looking this gift horse in the mouth.  I'm EXTREMELY lucky that this happened, and SO excited about actually having the money to do things like move out of my parents' house.

Which I'm fixing to do in the next month or so, I think.  My boyfriend lives in a three bedroom apartment, and two of his roommates are moving out, so I'm going to take one of the extra rooms (he has another friend who's taking the third room).  I think it will be a good arrangement.  It's something we've been talking about for a while, and I really like Anthony the other friend, and I think the three of us will co-habitate in a friendly fashion.  Plus his landlord is pet-friendly, so Dizzy can come too with no problems.

I'm keeping the job at Borders, at least for the short term.  I'll be working weekends until it taxes my sanity too much to continue - I didn't feel comfortable completely jumping ship, even though they haven't been the best about schedules and suchlike.  The extra money won't hurt, plus I like the work and the employee discount will always be awesome.

GenCon is this weekend, which I'm SUPER excited about - Privateer Press is releasing the new faction book for the new WarMachine army, and the rules for a battle team-based game called Malifluer will also be debuting, both of which I'm extremely interested in.  I am looking forward to being a complete and total nerd for a weekend.
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I finally have a typical schedule at Borders this week, which is phenomenal.  I'm on for 24 hours, which still isn't full time, but it's at least the same that everyone else is getting.  So I'm not quite as pissed off with them as I was last week.

I've been feeling sort of off kilter these last couple of days, and I was really afraid for a bit there that I was getting sick.  Thankfully, this does not seem to be true, as today I'm feeling quite well.  Which is especially good this week, since I will undoubtedly be engaging in all sorts of shenanigans.

Well, probably not.  But I could, since my entire family is now out of the state for the next week.  My sister is up in Wisconsin with some of her school friends, and as far as I can tell they're basically planning on being drunk for the week.  My parents are in the Florida panhandle, where my uncle has rented a house for the next couple of weeks - I declined to go because of work, and also because while I love my family, having that many of us in such a contained space is really a recipe for disaster.  Or at least a couple of really good fights.  So I'm holding down the fort with Dizzy and the dogs and trying not to be too lonely.

Work will help.  So will Shark Week, and Billy, who said he'd keep me company.

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Dizzy is doing wonderfully; my primary concern was that he wouldn't eat, and so far he's eaten everything I've put in his dish.  Favorites so far include blackberries, spinach, watermelon, and peaches.  Zucchini, carrots, and tomatoes, as well as the pellets he gets in the morning, are liked but not voraciously devoured like the fruit has been.  Today we're learning that the playgym (a little wooden structure with a ladder and a swing for him to play on while he's out of the cage) isn't nearly as scary as we thought on day one.

After some landlord tomfoolery, Irene and I have scheduled our apartment checkout for tomorrow, so I'll be in Iowa City for most of Friday.  If anyone wants to come help me move stuff, or say hi, they would be most welcome - haven't seen you guys in a while!

Not much else to report.  Dizzy is trying to hide in my ponytail right now, which is pretty cute - except for when he tugs on my hair.  That's less than cute.
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I solved the apartment crisis.  Rachel and I had a very rational conversation about the realities involved, although wisely I did not mention how much was due to miscommunication rather than my failure to fully understand my situation.  ANYWAY.  She and Natasha are going to proceed looking for a two bedroom place that fits their needs, and I am going to hold down my own fort until I'm in a better place to move out and see who needs a roommate at that time.  Once we realized that we were both afraid the other was going to be mortally offended by the situation, but neither of us actually was, it was all fine.  I think it's the best thing for everyone involved plus I don't want to live with Natasha.

In other news, I went to the cross-town Sox vs. Cubs game at the Sox field today, and it was a good game.  It was fun to watch, both teams had hilarious failboat moments and both teams had excellent plays.  But I was reminded of the one thing that continuously sticks in my craw whenever I go to sporting events:

The fans are mean.

I don't mean this as a general statement, but I absolutely hate it when the game becomes not just about supporting your team of choice but bringing down the other.  I think it is ludicrous that people get SO worked up and SO mean spirited about something that is, at the end of the day, a GAME.  Baseball will not save the world.  Baseball will not accomplish life-changing things.  But it is entertaining to watch and rooting for your team provides a nice avenue of feeling like you're part of something.  I think it's awful when fans abuse that in other fans, feeling entitled about who they support simply because it is Team A as opposed to Team B.  It really DOES NOT MATTER who ANYONE roots for.  And it makes me sad when people practically get into fistfights over something so cosmically unimportant.

This applies absolutely to the extremist fans of sportsteams I support myself.  I am going to go get a custom jersey made, that will be black with red white and blue lettering, and declare myself to be a Whibbies fan, a fan of Chicago baseball.  I will attend games for both teams and cheer equally hard, and when the cross-town games happen I will rest easy in the knowledge that whoever wins will make me happy, as long as I enjoy watching the game.  Because in the end, that's really the important thing.

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I went to see two apartments yesterday with my supposed future roommates, and I learned two very valuable things: 

1. My budget concerns are Not The Same as theirs, and

2. They are both ready to move yesterday.

I'm frustrated, because I definitely talked to Rachel and made absolutely clear that the job I will be starting pays $8.25 an hour, and that my price range for rent was going to be between $300 and $400 a month.  One of the places we saw yesterday was $1900 and the other was $1800, neither of which included utilities - apparently Rachel never communicated my financial concerns to the third girl who's involved in all of this (a friend of Rachel's from work who I have met all of twice), and Natasha was looking for places starting at $1500 and moving way up from there.  When I mentioned my concerns Natasha got snippy, throwing out a "Wll, I didn't know we had such tight money restraints" etc.  Which pissed me off, because it's a valuable concern and even though I had thought Rachel and I were agreed on our price range, she obviously didn't tell Natasha.

The second concern I have is that I am simply not ready to move.  I've been home for just over a month, and the idea of rushing out of my parents' home is extremely stressful to me.  I don't intend to live here forever, but the timeline Rachel and I had discussed implied to me that we wouldn't actually be moving until sometime in the fall.  By then I would be ready - I'd have a bit of money saved up, I'd be acclimated to being in town, and so forth.  And now they're both ready to fork over the deposit for this place, and move in like next week, and I simply cannot do that.

I'm angry and a little hurt by the fact that I thought Rachel and I were on the same page, and we're obviously not.  The fact that I talked to her about my constraints and concerns, and the fact that they are being ignored, makes me feel like I'm a tagalong on this whole venture and that it's really about what THEY want (which is a little insulting because I was the one who first brought up the idea of living together with just Rachel, and Natasha is a last-minute addition). 

I'm not looking forward to the conversation I have to have with them today, because they were SO in love with the place we looked at.  But on top of the money and timeframe, it would land me with an hour commute to work, there aren't any grocery stores in the area and none of us has a car, and they don't allow pets, I have solid reasons why this is a bad choice for me.  I dropped the ball a bit when I didn't communicate this to them yesterday, but frankly I didn't want Natasha up in my face again after her shit-fit about my salary.  I'm going to tell Rachel that we're in vastly different places and that I think it would be better if the two of them looked for something to suit their needs, and I'll sit tight until October or November when I can do this without causing massive emotional and financial trouble for myself.  Which I think is frankly more than fair.

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