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Over the weekend, my parents helped me move a bed frame and a boxspring into the apartment so I don't have to sleep on the floor anymore.  It's more comfortable and better ventilated, although floor space is in short supply.  Luckily the apartment is established in such a way that I'm only really in my bedroom for sleeping; my desk, and computer are both in the common room next to the birdcage, in order to foster socializing and communal behavior.

I'm essentially moved in, only have a box or three left to unpack and it's mostly kitchen equipment.  I've definitely been slower on unpacking my dishware because my boyfriend doesn't live in a cardboard box and has plenty of dishes and glasses.  I'll get it sorted out eventually.  I need some under the bed storage for my room, because my dresser is too small to fit all my clothes and my room is too small to unnecessarily take up floor space.  And now I have a bed frame to fit things underneath.

Work is going excellently.  I work primarily with two of the partners in the office, and today they both told me that they thought I was doing a fantastic job; that I had accomplished everything that had been asked of me in an exemplary manner, and just generally going above and beyond what was expected of me.  It made me feel really warm inside and maybe my Christmas bonus will be awesome.

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I am so far EXTREMELY impressed with the fall television line-up.  Everything I know and love is back and strong (the season premier of House was one of the best episodes I've seen since second season) and if you're not watching Glee, you really should be. 

I'm in for NaNo, guys.  I don't know what I'm doing, but hell, why not?  I have a couple of story ideas up my sleeve.

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Brilliant idea posted over at my alt account, [personal profile] flights_of_fancy .  It boils down to: gaming companies that make awesome games do not always write awesome stories.  I can write awesome stories.  Maybe if I send one some writing samples, they'll let me do freelance prose work on their next army book.

Gen Con Indy was SUPER SUPER awesome.  Billy and I got there early Saturday morning, so we had plenty of time during the day to walk around, check out demos, spend way too much money, and hang out with cool people (Like Sohmer and Lar from LICD!  Billy brought them Red Bull and they were very charming).  I was satisfied at the end, but next year I would like to go for the whole weekend and take advantage of the things we didn't have the downtime to do.  For instance, they had a room with hunderds of board game titles that you could check out like a library and play with people, and this room was open 24 hours a day.  I have a theory that Tsuro, played for hours on end, will eventually result in achieving Nirvana, so obviously I have to test this theory.  It would have been interesting to attend some panels and speakers as well, and I definitely would want to get more demos in. 

Cool things I did at the con:

- Bought the new Privateer Press faction book for the Retribution army.  Couldn't buy the heavy warjack kit because they sold out on, like, the first day.  Poo.
- Demoed and purchased Malifaux, a skirmish based war game in a western/horror/steampunk/gothic setting.  I liked it a whole bunch, and the guys were really nice, and they're the company I want to write for.  One of their characters wears a white furry top hat and stripped stockings.  HOW CAN I SAY NO.
- Bought my own set of gaming dice.  They're pretty and blue.
- Tried orange root beer, and decided it tasted too medicinal.
- Saw some fairly phenominal costumes, including some very classy WarMachine casters and an awesome Eldar farseer robe.
- Took pride in the fact that my nerdy tattoo is cooler than a lot of peoples' nerdy tattoos.
- Hung out with webcomic artists
- Played Tsuro, a brilliantly simply board game wherein you move your token along a path and try to run other peoples' tokens off the board.  Plans to buy it are in the works.
- Watched Billy play Arcane Legions.  Unsure about how impressed I am with it.  The Chinese get dragons and stone lions, and the Romans get armored bears, which is pretty badass.  Not convinced about gameplay yet, though.
- Watched Wizards of the Coast fail at running a Magic 2010 tournament, which is sad when you think about it; they really should have more practice at that.

It was a fun time.

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Hooray, I FINALLY pre-registered for GenCon.  I'm excited to go, I've never been and I hear it's kind of a big deal - the largest gaming convention in the United States.  I also registered for a couple of events: a seminar on getting published, a panel on the pros and cons of happy endings, and a world-building workshop called Magic, Technology, and Evolution.  I'm going to a gaming convention...and I'm spending the whole day in writing seminars.  I'm more than ok with this; there aren't any tournaments I particularly feel the urge to play in, as it's been too long since I've played D&D (they're all full, anyway) and I don't want to show up to a WarMachine tourny with a half-painted army.

I'm apparently physically unable to paint my minis by myself.  I get discouraged about my technique really easily, which is silly since I haven't been doing it long enough to get discouraged.  And it's not discouragement, exactly...more like I need the comfort of painting in the company of more experienced hobbyists.  That way there's someone there to give me advice, a quick lesson, whatev.  It's more fun, too.

I'm particularly excited to walk around the dealer room - Privateer Press is (hopefully) debuting their newest fation book, which I am absolutely going to buy, and it'll be neat to be able to pick things up directly without having to wait for internet shipping.  They won't be at the nice discount I can get at the War Store, but I figure it evens out once I don't pay for shipping.  This is what I'm telling myself anyway, as I will undoubtedly be spending way too much money at this thing. going slowly.  Well, not as slowly as yesterday, but there's still a lot to be done.  My bookcase and my dresser are both empty, but my desk is still a mess and I haven't even touched the kitchen yet.  But I still have most of today and also most of tomorrow....after I get my tattoo.  Yay!
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I've been reading mass quantities of John Connolly, and he makes me think of Neil Gaiman, and for some reason this ALSO makes me think of comics, the end result of which is that I want to write loads and loads of gothic fantasy.  Which is bad only in that I feel like right now all my writing would just be regurgitated forms of better novels I've already read.  And part of my knows that I should do it anyway, just to get all the regurgitation out of my system (as it were) so I get past it, but...

So I might start posting snippets of writing.  Because otherwise I'll end up with a stack of looseleaf paper, scribbled over with tons and tons of half-formed paragraphs.  Well, this might happen anyway....But I can also share my fractured thoughts with you!  :P 

In other news, Terminator: Salvation comes out tomorrow.  If it's half as good as Star Trek it will be awesome.  (Note: all I need for it to be awesome is for Christian Bale to be shirtless at some point and for him to kill lots of robots.  Also to see his cheekbones, because they are phenomenal.)
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Watching Boondock Saints.  I'm not always sure that I know what's going on in this movie, but I'm pretty sure it's always awesome.

I have two DreamWidth codes of my very own now.  I am considering keeping one for my own to use as a writing journal, but then I realized that in light of paying for this shiny account I can just keep everything here.  So does anyone know someone who needs a code?

I have a long list of things to do before Saturday, so I'm dividing up duties by day.  Tomorrow, I am going to the bank, canceling my gym membership, and packing up my bookshelf.  Maybe my clothes?  I don't know.  I hate packing, as I have previously mentioned.

I'm pleased that I've started to get back into reading for pleasure; my blog suffered a bit last month because I honestly had nothing to put there.  For new people, I run a blog called Alternative Read wherein my goal is to review books that don't get a lot of exposure.  So far, what it really means is that I review stuff I think people should read and which I haven't heard many people/websites/newspapers/whatever talking about.  Sometimes I deviate, like when I did a comparison entry of Coraline the film and Coraline the movie, but hey, it's my blog.

Point being, I've done so much reading for school (see: work) that it's incredibly refreshing to be able to venture back into reading what I want to.  This afternoon I read the first thing of my choice that wasn't a comic (which I'm not maligning, as I love them, but the graphics do make them easier to process in my brain) or a young adult/children's book (I've re-read all of Garth Nix and Tamora Pierce's books because they take about two hours to finish), and it felt really good.  It was a collection of short fiction from John Connolly called Nocturnes, and I won't be reviewing it in depth on the blog since I'm pretty sure it was a New York Times best seller, but trust me: I know who's looking at this journal, and YOU ALL want to read this book.  They're horror, gritty fantasy, eerie, macabre stories that made me nervous just to look at the titles.  Some are not as good as others, but they're all fascinating, and some are riveting.



May. 17th, 2009 10:33 pm
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I like BOA.

I also like the false feeling of cleverness I get from copying and pasting code someone else has written into the customizing box, thus creating an awesome layout that I actually had nothing to do with making, but still feel entitled to taking credit for.

The flowers are pretty.

Is it weird that I'm already wondering if the art school here administers Associates Degrees? I think I might want to get one in Creative Writing (or whatever their equivalent is - Fiction Writing, it may be). I talk a lot of shit about being glad to be done with school, but I like the idea of getting a degree for no other reason than it would be fun to get it. I majored in English because I like reading books and I'm pretty good at writing essays, but also because a lot of people told me that it would be useful in finding a job after - as my dad says, reading and writing critically are two of the most sought-after and hard to find qualifications. Might be nice to study something just because I can.

But we'll see. No matter what I end up doing, it's WAY too early to even THINK about going back to school. I wanna play a little before I do any more studying.

Also-also, read my new blog post:

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