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In other news, I'm going to the midnight show of Harry Potter tonight, and I'm totally excited.  Today has been a very good day; I got a couple of polo shirts for work (they're Converse, so they have a neat little star emblem on them) and I also got Across the Universe at a 40% discount because, unlike the Java House, Borders ENCOURAGES their employees to sign up for their customer program.  I discovered that Trader Joe's has those delicious ice cream mochi balls, but that they didn't have hearts of palm today, which made me really sad.

Wow, I really thought I had more news than that.  Um, I learned how to play Warhammer 40K the other night, and it was a whole lot of fun, so my nerd quotient just extrapolated that much more.  It's a much simpler game than WarMachine, which I appreciate, even though I love WarMachine a whole lot.  My first game was not entirely humiliating; Billy played Chaos, and I underused one of my units, but I handled myself pretty admirably.
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I sent in my down payment on Dizzy, so he is officially the bird I will be receiving.  I bought a birdcage and bedding today, and will be getting some toys this weekend (I'm going to wait to get food until RIGHT before he arrives, just so I know it won't spoil or anything).  So now Keith the breeder just needs to arrange the flight, and Dizzy and I can begin our birdie friendship.  :D

I also started my job at Borders FINALLY.  I went in on Thursday and filled out all of the paperwork, and did some training stuff.  It's funny, it took me like four weeks at the Java House to get to learn how to use the espresso machine, and Borders got me on it the very first day - my supervisor had me make a latte, a cappuchino, and three different kinds of mocha before my "shift" was over.  I'm working next week Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, and hopefully after my training is done I'll be getting more hours as I can work more by myself.  It'll be nice to have something to DO, although I'll be sad to see my free time go out the window.

I'm almost done painting a unit of Dryads for my wood elf army, which is significant to me because they will be my very first completed unit of any models.  I had to take a break from my elf guard because their cloaks ended up the wrong color, it's a much more teal shade of blue than I wanted (I'm doing a winter themed army, so I'm trying for a more gray color).  I think I'll be ready to rethink them following my success flush after the Dryads.  /nerd moment

I watched Dead Snow tonight with Billy and my dad, and EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE.  It's NAZI ZOMBIES.  NO REALLY.  ZOMBIE THAT ARE ALSO NAZIS.  And it's Norwegian, too, so it features a whole lot of Scandinavian rock music. :D

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