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Turns out that by "we have a job opening" what the company I interviewed with REALLY meant was "we hire independent contractors."  An independent contractor is someone not actually working for a company - they get paid purely on the clients that they see, on a totally freelance basis.  Since I am a college graduate so green I'm pretty much grass, this is not helpful to me; no matter what the eloquent man at the presentation yesterday says, I am NOT looking for a way out of the job market and into the world of self-employment, I am looking for stability.  With a regular paycheck and health benefits, preferably.  So I'm glad I spent a $50 bus ticket to be able to go to that interview.

Wasn't a totally lost weekend, though, last night was pretty rockin'.  My boyfriend has been having Monday night boardgame fun, which I actually got to go to last night, and that was fun.  We ordered mass quantities of Chinese food and played Settlers: Cities and Knights edition, which seems to basically be Settlers on steroids.  I'm not a huge fan of Settlers to begin with (granted, I've only played a handful of times) but this wasn't so bad.  Mostly I just liked doing something social, as I have a tendency to be fairly hermetic if given the opportunity.

Today I get to ride a bus for seven hours in order to return to IC, pack up all my shit, and come home AGAIN Saturday morning.  I would very much like to see people before I depart; I intend to return at least twice this summer, perhaps more in the coming year, but I may as well get the hangouts in while I'm still local.  

I really hate moving...there's just something about heavy lifting and driving in that horrifying UHaul truck that's downright unpleasant.  Plus I have to see my entire life reduced to what will fit into a handfull of cardboard boxes, and see the room that I've occupied so happily for the last year reduced to an empty wood floor and a bizarre faux fireplace.  I'll have to say goodbye to the little cat who's adopted me, who will undoubtedly go on to find someone else's window to yell into.  I might not get to watch the baby robins fledge and fly for the first time, even though they're getting GINORMOUS and will probably do so in the next week.  I have a lo of good reasons to move now instead of August, but even so, it's going to be sad when I do.

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