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I've been busier than I thought I would's nice, I like having stuff to do.

Last week for St. Patrick's Day I made corned beef and cabbage, all by myself, and it turned out EXCELLENTLY.  The cabbage probably could have cooked longer, but we all agreed better undercooked than overcooked when it came to cabbage, and the beef was cooked so perfectly it didn't matter much.  It may have been the most ambitious cooking project I've done so far, and the fact that it turned out well makes me feel quite pleased.

I purchased Pokemon SoulSilver, because I am a Pokemon master and have been since the age of twelve.  I'm impressed with the game so far - Gold and Silver were my favorite games, and the upgrade only made them better.  Although my reading has suffered since I got it, as now I play on the train on my commute rather than read.

Speaking of reading...I polished off the first Sookie Stackhouse book, and I liked the second half a lot.  The first half was slower going; I felt like Charlaine Harris doesn't really hit her stride with the character until about mid-book.  But Sookie does end up being a really interesting character, rather than the painfully (and non-sensibly) naive woman she is in the beginning.  I do actually think True Blood is more interesting, because HBO fills out the story with some truly excellent elements (like Tara, who is not in the book, and who I missed with every page turn).

Tonight I'm going to see Tegan and Sarah with a friend and her sister, and it should be fun.  Their new album is not really my favorite, but it's pretty ok, and hopefully they'll play some of the older stuff I'm more familiar with.  Tomorrow I'm going shopping with my mom for jeans and sun dresses, because HOPEFULLY it will EVENTUALLY be warmer so I can wear dresses again.  I miss that.
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Lately it feels like I'm tired all of the time.  Last weekend, I woke up early, went to the gym, did some errands, and sat on the couch for a moment... And then slept for, like, six hours.  I'm always getting sleepy at work, and I've really been ready for bed tonight since about, oh, nine p.m.  I really, really hope I'm not getting sick, because being sick for the holidays is AWFUL.

I finished my Christmas shopping today, so I feel both in debt and accomplished.  A new tea store opened in the big mall in my area; it is called Teavana and it is FABULOUS.  They had seven or eight teas brewing that you could try, and they were all delicious - they stock so many teas they hand you a little catalog while you wait in line to look at all their flavors.  They'll even blend you stuff if you're looking for a really particular flavor.  They're a bit expensive for every day purchasing, but I'd definitely go back for more exciting teas.

I was also pleased to learn that Pixar has collected all of their animated shorts into one DVD.  I'm quite fond of the shorts they play before their films, especially For the Birds (I can't seem to remember which film it played in front of, but Wikipedia is telling me it was Monsters, Inc.).

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Ikea was predictably awesome.  I procured a very nice glass shelving unit, to properly display my miniatures (and in doing so, hopefully get some more painting done on them), and also a duvet cover, pillow cases, and comforter for my bed.  I have always wanted one of the sets that stores have on display - the made bed with the eight hundred matching pillows and color-coordinated sheets - because they always look so PRETTY to me.  Well, now I have the beginnings of one, and if Ikea had had sheets with better thread counts I'd have matching sheets already as well.  But this is why God invented Target.

I'm playing in a War Machine tournament in two weeks, and my goal was to have all 500 points that I'm playing with painted by then.  I'm starting to doubt my ability to do this, because when it comes to painting figures I am SLOW.  I spent two hours or so on my caster and he's only up to about half done, and I'm not even sure I like how he's coming out.  If I really hate him when I finish I'll strip him after the tourney, but right now I've got enough to do.  I've got several pirates to finish, as well as one of my character solos and (I'm sure) there are bits of my jacks that need paint.  At least Billy is letting me borrow one unit, so I not only don't have to paint them but I didn't have to buy them yet.


Weirdly enough, the hanging-out dreams with ZQ continue.  Last night I think we were, like, sitting on a sofa reading with the t.v. on.  It's like my brain needs faux-relaxing time, and has decided it needs it with hot dudes.

(I'm totally ok with this)
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Since I moved back from Iowa, the mattress I was sleeping on has occupied the garage.  It is a lovely, serviceable double that I've slept on for most of the past eight years or so, and I was thrilled when my mother said I could take it to school with me.  Of course, when I did, my parents promptly bought a queen sized bedframe and mattress to put in my room, so that people could continue to use it as a guest room.  This is the bed I've been sleeping on since I got home, since I obviously can't have two mattresses in one room.

I am in love with this bed.

It's squishy but not uncomfortably so, it's big, it's wonderful, I sleep soundly on it.  Now that I'm moving out in a couple of weeks, I'd started resigning myself to transferring back to the double and readjusting my sleep habits accordingly, and frankly it was making me sad to know I wouldn't get to sleep on this mattress anymore.

But yesterday I received wonderful news: my parents sold the beach house they owned part of!  And we get to bring back all the furniture we had there!  And by the way, Martha, do you want the queen mattress up there?  No?  Well, how about the one in your room now, and we'll just replace that one with the beach house mattress?

So I'm incredibly pleased, even though the room I'm moving into is not big and the mattress will likely take up 90% of my floor space.  I love this bed and I get to keep it.

Continuing to enjoy Netflix.  I watched Cthulhu the other day (made recently, not the old black and white one or the one from the eighties) and I have mixed feelings about it.  It is very Lovecraftian, and it has a decidedly amateurish feel to the camerawork, which I think might actually be beneficial to the effect.  I dunno.  It's short, so at least if you don't like it, it doesn't last very long.

Priceless, on the other hand, is lovely and charming and satisfying.  A very solid French romance with Audrey Tautou, who I think is gorgeous.

IKEA tomorrow, for to buy shelving.  I love buying housewares.
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In other news, I'm going to the midnight show of Harry Potter tonight, and I'm totally excited.  Today has been a very good day; I got a couple of polo shirts for work (they're Converse, so they have a neat little star emblem on them) and I also got Across the Universe at a 40% discount because, unlike the Java House, Borders ENCOURAGES their employees to sign up for their customer program.  I discovered that Trader Joe's has those delicious ice cream mochi balls, but that they didn't have hearts of palm today, which made me really sad.

Wow, I really thought I had more news than that.  Um, I learned how to play Warhammer 40K the other night, and it was a whole lot of fun, so my nerd quotient just extrapolated that much more.  It's a much simpler game than WarMachine, which I appreciate, even though I love WarMachine a whole lot.  My first game was not entirely humiliating; Billy played Chaos, and I underused one of my units, but I handled myself pretty admirably.
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 I'm in California visiting with my lovely friend Gina, and we spent today shopping.  Only apparently California malls don't actually contain real stores - they have all been replaced with designer stores that charge more for a dress than I make in a month.

How is it that we, as a people (because God knows I do this too), have decided that it's not only acceptable but desirable to spend ludicrous amounts of money on clothing, simply because of the name on the label?  It's appalling that, on waltzing into, say, the Armani Exchange, one can find a shirt on sale for $200, and call it a great deal.  $200 for a shirt is not a great deal.  It is highway robbery, only worse because we submit to it with our eyes open our wallets at the ready.  And I don't want to hear about how designer clothes are so much more with the quality than, oh, a shirt I'd get at Old Navy.  A ribbed tank top is a ribbed tank top, whether you're paying $7 for it at Old Navy or $50 for it at Abercrombie & Fitch.

I don't know why this bugs me so much.  I'm tired of looking at beautiful things I can't afford just because someone, somewhere is loose enough with their money that they decided $1500 was a fair price for a babydoll dress.  If enough people decided enough was enough, that we would no longer shell out God knows how much money for clothes, maybe the hierarchy of labels would even out.  Or maybe not.  I dunno.

I did score some pretty awesome underwear at the Victoria's Secret sale.  Used my Angel card for the first time, too.  Wasn't a bad day, all in all.

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