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So, Tuesday night, I went to turn my laptop on in order to check my e-mail, as one might do before bed.  And my computer...did nothing.  No reaction.  I tried really hard to keep from having a heart attack, which was my first instinct, and instead did everything I could think of to try and coax a reaction out of Delilah.  Nothing.  So on Wednesday we took a journey to the Apple store downtown.

I would like to make a motion to automatically saint all four Apple servicepeople who helped me.  The two Genius Bar dudes for doing esoteric and mysterious things to my precious laptop whilst simultaneously soothing and reassuring me (I was a little jumpy about the whole thing), and most especially the two people I had to call to activate my Applecare service plan a year after I was supposed to (they really, really didn't have to do this, and probably shouldn't have, but it was not clear to me when I got the service package and it saved me an ASSTON of money).  Long story short: they couldn't tell me definitively what was wrong with her, except that it was probably an internal hardware issue, my harddrive would most likely not be corrupted (but they'd back it up for me anyway, just in case), and that it was a damn good thing it was still under warranty because SHIT would this be expensive without it.  So I am without a laptop until Wednesday, but hopefully she is saveable and I will get my sturdy little blackMac back.  I like her, she has served me well.

Other than that, awkwardsauce intern continues to fail at life, and I got paid a whole bunch more today than I thought I would.  It was pretty damn sweet.  Also, Shadowrun: Round One went pretty awesomely, and it was a whole lot of fun.  My character is proving to be just as fun as I anticipated, and I think it will be a good campaign.

I really want some ice cream.  Is that weird?  And I've discovered that fourth time is the charm for Star Trek.  I am set until it comes out on DVD, and then I will watch it over and over and over again.
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If I was worth anything at all as a human being, I would have spent some time in the last few days writing something worthwhile.  Instead of working on my Shadowrun character.  Who is awesome, by the way.

I have been descending further and further into complete nerditude, and I am one hundred percent comfortable with this.  I blame part of it on the boyfriend, because he is SUCH a nerd, but he is also a whole lot of fun to nerd with (which is why I'm now willing, nay, excited, to spend vast amounts of money on little models of robots and gunslingers and elves, spend vast amounts of time painting them, and then pushing them around a table to the rolls of dice).  A third-party friend of mine is running a Shadowrun campaign starting Thursday, for which I am very stoked, because I have created a character that's a bit like Paris Hilton, only smart, bitter, and an elf.  With more access to guns and a more interesting drug habit.  Oh, she's going to be fun.

Also, I am very very torn on this whole dog issue.  On the one hand, I would very much like to go to one of the pound-type places to rescue a dog who might otherwise be euthanized.  On the other, because those places literally take every animal that comes their way, I know that they don't screen their animals as well, so I won't have any idea what kind of health or behavioral problems I'd be taking home with me, the way I would if I adopted from a no-kill shelter.  While I want to be completely altruistic about this, I also don't want to end up with a vicious little thing that also has heartworm.  It bears thinking on.

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