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Lately it feels like I'm tired all of the time.  Last weekend, I woke up early, went to the gym, did some errands, and sat on the couch for a moment... And then slept for, like, six hours.  I'm always getting sleepy at work, and I've really been ready for bed tonight since about, oh, nine p.m.  I really, really hope I'm not getting sick, because being sick for the holidays is AWFUL.

I finished my Christmas shopping today, so I feel both in debt and accomplished.  A new tea store opened in the big mall in my area; it is called Teavana and it is FABULOUS.  They had seven or eight teas brewing that you could try, and they were all delicious - they stock so many teas they hand you a little catalog while you wait in line to look at all their flavors.  They'll even blend you stuff if you're looking for a really particular flavor.  They're a bit expensive for every day purchasing, but I'd definitely go back for more exciting teas.

I was also pleased to learn that Pixar has collected all of their animated shorts into one DVD.  I'm quite fond of the shorts they play before their films, especially For the Birds (I can't seem to remember which film it played in front of, but Wikipedia is telling me it was Monsters, Inc.).

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First, a Cody update - I called the shelter today, and he has been adopted.  This makes me sad, because I wanted to adopt him, but I am also happy that he has found a good home with people who love him.  THEREFORE the dog search is officially on hold until I move out of my parents' house, because my mother told me irrevocably that she would Not Be Happy if we had three dogs running around again.  Slap me if I talk about before that.

On the other hand, the apartment search is slowly kicking into overdrive.  I have successfully convinced my two future roommates that our original price cap was more generous than it had to be, and indeed, we are now finding nice, dog-friendly places with on-site laundry for $200-$300 less than before.  Three-bedroom places are tricky to find, though.

Up spoilers. )

Tomorrow is spinning class number two.  I hope that this turns out to be as beneficial as people have told me it can be.  It certainly FEELS like it's busting my ass while I'm doing it.

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