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I've been busier than I thought I would's nice, I like having stuff to do.

Last week for St. Patrick's Day I made corned beef and cabbage, all by myself, and it turned out EXCELLENTLY.  The cabbage probably could have cooked longer, but we all agreed better undercooked than overcooked when it came to cabbage, and the beef was cooked so perfectly it didn't matter much.  It may have been the most ambitious cooking project I've done so far, and the fact that it turned out well makes me feel quite pleased.

I purchased Pokemon SoulSilver, because I am a Pokemon master and have been since the age of twelve.  I'm impressed with the game so far - Gold and Silver were my favorite games, and the upgrade only made them better.  Although my reading has suffered since I got it, as now I play on the train on my commute rather than read.

Speaking of reading...I polished off the first Sookie Stackhouse book, and I liked the second half a lot.  The first half was slower going; I felt like Charlaine Harris doesn't really hit her stride with the character until about mid-book.  But Sookie does end up being a really interesting character, rather than the painfully (and non-sensibly) naive woman she is in the beginning.  I do actually think True Blood is more interesting, because HBO fills out the story with some truly excellent elements (like Tara, who is not in the book, and who I missed with every page turn).

Tonight I'm going to see Tegan and Sarah with a friend and her sister, and it should be fun.  Their new album is not really my favorite, but it's pretty ok, and hopefully they'll play some of the older stuff I'm more familiar with.  Tomorrow I'm going shopping with my mom for jeans and sun dresses, because HOPEFULLY it will EVENTUALLY be warmer so I can wear dresses again.  I miss that.
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Over the weekend, my parents helped me move a bed frame and a boxspring into the apartment so I don't have to sleep on the floor anymore.  It's more comfortable and better ventilated, although floor space is in short supply.  Luckily the apartment is established in such a way that I'm only really in my bedroom for sleeping; my desk, and computer are both in the common room next to the birdcage, in order to foster socializing and communal behavior.

I'm essentially moved in, only have a box or three left to unpack and it's mostly kitchen equipment.  I've definitely been slower on unpacking my dishware because my boyfriend doesn't live in a cardboard box and has plenty of dishes and glasses.  I'll get it sorted out eventually.  I need some under the bed storage for my room, because my dresser is too small to fit all my clothes and my room is too small to unnecessarily take up floor space.  And now I have a bed frame to fit things underneath.

Work is going excellently.  I work primarily with two of the partners in the office, and today they both told me that they thought I was doing a fantastic job; that I had accomplished everything that had been asked of me in an exemplary manner, and just generally going above and beyond what was expected of me.  It made me feel really warm inside and maybe my Christmas bonus will be awesome.

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/comic nerdery

I am so far EXTREMELY impressed with the fall television line-up.  Everything I know and love is back and strong (the season premier of House was one of the best episodes I've seen since second season) and if you're not watching Glee, you really should be. 

I'm in for NaNo, guys.  I don't know what I'm doing, but hell, why not?  I have a couple of story ideas up my sleeve.

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Ikea was predictably awesome.  I procured a very nice glass shelving unit, to properly display my miniatures (and in doing so, hopefully get some more painting done on them), and also a duvet cover, pillow cases, and comforter for my bed.  I have always wanted one of the sets that stores have on display - the made bed with the eight hundred matching pillows and color-coordinated sheets - because they always look so PRETTY to me.  Well, now I have the beginnings of one, and if Ikea had had sheets with better thread counts I'd have matching sheets already as well.  But this is why God invented Target.

I'm playing in a War Machine tournament in two weeks, and my goal was to have all 500 points that I'm playing with painted by then.  I'm starting to doubt my ability to do this, because when it comes to painting figures I am SLOW.  I spent two hours or so on my caster and he's only up to about half done, and I'm not even sure I like how he's coming out.  If I really hate him when I finish I'll strip him after the tourney, but right now I've got enough to do.  I've got several pirates to finish, as well as one of my character solos and (I'm sure) there are bits of my jacks that need paint.  At least Billy is letting me borrow one unit, so I not only don't have to paint them but I didn't have to buy them yet.


Weirdly enough, the hanging-out dreams with ZQ continue.  Last night I think we were, like, sitting on a sofa reading with the t.v. on.  It's like my brain needs faux-relaxing time, and has decided it needs it with hot dudes.

(I'm totally ok with this)

District 9

Aug. 30th, 2009 11:18 pm
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Saw District 9 tonight.  It was...much better than I expected, but it was also much, much harder to watch than I expected. 

District 9 spoilers )

I did read two excellent books last week, both by Charles de LInt and both vastly different experiences.  I liked Yarrow more than Angel of Darkness, and eventually I'll write about why.

I've decided I'm going to play in a WarMachine tournament coming up at a Chicago games store, so in preparation for that I have a buttload of painting to do and I also need to practice playing timed games.  I know that I take too long to think about my turns, so I really need to work on konwing solidly what my army does, what I have to do to get them to do their thing the best they can, and how it all will play out in different games.  I've got three weeks, so we'll see if I can get ready in time.  If not, I'll at least have a fully painted 500 points and actual tournament experience, even if it's a losing experience.

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Brilliant idea posted over at my alt account, [personal profile] flights_of_fancy .  It boils down to: gaming companies that make awesome games do not always write awesome stories.  I can write awesome stories.  Maybe if I send one some writing samples, they'll let me do freelance prose work on their next army book.

Gen Con Indy was SUPER SUPER awesome.  Billy and I got there early Saturday morning, so we had plenty of time during the day to walk around, check out demos, spend way too much money, and hang out with cool people (Like Sohmer and Lar from LICD!  Billy brought them Red Bull and they were very charming).  I was satisfied at the end, but next year I would like to go for the whole weekend and take advantage of the things we didn't have the downtime to do.  For instance, they had a room with hunderds of board game titles that you could check out like a library and play with people, and this room was open 24 hours a day.  I have a theory that Tsuro, played for hours on end, will eventually result in achieving Nirvana, so obviously I have to test this theory.  It would have been interesting to attend some panels and speakers as well, and I definitely would want to get more demos in. 

Cool things I did at the con:

- Bought the new Privateer Press faction book for the Retribution army.  Couldn't buy the heavy warjack kit because they sold out on, like, the first day.  Poo.
- Demoed and purchased Malifaux, a skirmish based war game in a western/horror/steampunk/gothic setting.  I liked it a whole bunch, and the guys were really nice, and they're the company I want to write for.  One of their characters wears a white furry top hat and stripped stockings.  HOW CAN I SAY NO.
- Bought my own set of gaming dice.  They're pretty and blue.
- Tried orange root beer, and decided it tasted too medicinal.
- Saw some fairly phenominal costumes, including some very classy WarMachine casters and an awesome Eldar farseer robe.
- Took pride in the fact that my nerdy tattoo is cooler than a lot of peoples' nerdy tattoos.
- Hung out with webcomic artists
- Played Tsuro, a brilliantly simply board game wherein you move your token along a path and try to run other peoples' tokens off the board.  Plans to buy it are in the works.
- Watched Billy play Arcane Legions.  Unsure about how impressed I am with it.  The Chinese get dragons and stone lions, and the Romans get armored bears, which is pretty badass.  Not convinced about gameplay yet, though.
- Watched Wizards of the Coast fail at running a Magic 2010 tournament, which is sad when you think about it; they really should have more practice at that.

It was a fun time.

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The receptionist in my dad's office got fired yesterday, and the partners in his firm were apparently all "Is your daughter doing anything?  Because we like her.  She's friendly and stuff."  So all of a sudden I have a real job, in the real world, with a real salary and benefits and everything.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed about it, because even though this is exactly what I was looking for I sort of expected there to be an interview process and all of that, but I'm not looking this gift horse in the mouth.  I'm EXTREMELY lucky that this happened, and SO excited about actually having the money to do things like move out of my parents' house.

Which I'm fixing to do in the next month or so, I think.  My boyfriend lives in a three bedroom apartment, and two of his roommates are moving out, so I'm going to take one of the extra rooms (he has another friend who's taking the third room).  I think it will be a good arrangement.  It's something we've been talking about for a while, and I really like Anthony the other friend, and I think the three of us will co-habitate in a friendly fashion.  Plus his landlord is pet-friendly, so Dizzy can come too with no problems.

I'm keeping the job at Borders, at least for the short term.  I'll be working weekends until it taxes my sanity too much to continue - I didn't feel comfortable completely jumping ship, even though they haven't been the best about schedules and suchlike.  The extra money won't hurt, plus I like the work and the employee discount will always be awesome.

GenCon is this weekend, which I'm SUPER excited about - Privateer Press is releasing the new faction book for the new WarMachine army, and the rules for a battle team-based game called Malifluer will also be debuting, both of which I'm extremely interested in.  I am looking forward to being a complete and total nerd for a weekend.
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I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at the midnight showing, and I think I was disappointed.  It is sitting a little oddly with me, since I realized I don't actually remember that much of the book; the sense I got, though, was that while I enjoyed the movie I saw, I think they made bad choices as to what scenes to leave out and what to include.
Half Blood Prince spoilers )

In other news, my bird is arriving at the airport tomorrow around 2:30.  I'm super excited; I made a vet appointment for Saturday, so I can meet the vet staff and they can meet the bird and make sure everything is ok, and so that if (God forbid) an emergency does happen I won't be taking him to a stranger.  Today I'm going to check out a specialty bird store, to see if I can find a playgym for him, so he has something to monkey around on when he's out of the cage. :D

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In other news, I'm going to the midnight show of Harry Potter tonight, and I'm totally excited.  Today has been a very good day; I got a couple of polo shirts for work (they're Converse, so they have a neat little star emblem on them) and I also got Across the Universe at a 40% discount because, unlike the Java House, Borders ENCOURAGES their employees to sign up for their customer program.  I discovered that Trader Joe's has those delicious ice cream mochi balls, but that they didn't have hearts of palm today, which made me really sad.

Wow, I really thought I had more news than that.  Um, I learned how to play Warhammer 40K the other night, and it was a whole lot of fun, so my nerd quotient just extrapolated that much more.  It's a much simpler game than WarMachine, which I appreciate, even though I love WarMachine a whole lot.  My first game was not entirely humiliating; Billy played Chaos, and I underused one of my units, but I handled myself pretty admirably.
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I sent in my down payment on Dizzy, so he is officially the bird I will be receiving.  I bought a birdcage and bedding today, and will be getting some toys this weekend (I'm going to wait to get food until RIGHT before he arrives, just so I know it won't spoil or anything).  So now Keith the breeder just needs to arrange the flight, and Dizzy and I can begin our birdie friendship.  :D

I also started my job at Borders FINALLY.  I went in on Thursday and filled out all of the paperwork, and did some training stuff.  It's funny, it took me like four weeks at the Java House to get to learn how to use the espresso machine, and Borders got me on it the very first day - my supervisor had me make a latte, a cappuchino, and three different kinds of mocha before my "shift" was over.  I'm working next week Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, and hopefully after my training is done I'll be getting more hours as I can work more by myself.  It'll be nice to have something to DO, although I'll be sad to see my free time go out the window.

I'm almost done painting a unit of Dryads for my wood elf army, which is significant to me because they will be my very first completed unit of any models.  I had to take a break from my elf guard because their cloaks ended up the wrong color, it's a much more teal shade of blue than I wanted (I'm doing a winter themed army, so I'm trying for a more gray color).  I think I'll be ready to rethink them following my success flush after the Dryads.  /nerd moment

I watched Dead Snow tonight with Billy and my dad, and EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE.  It's NAZI ZOMBIES.  NO REALLY.  ZOMBIE THAT ARE ALSO NAZIS.  And it's Norwegian, too, so it features a whole lot of Scandinavian rock music. :D
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Today will probably be my last day at my dad's office, which means I get a couple days of downtime before starting at Borders.  Which I'm really glad about; it'll be nice to just enjoy the summer for a couple of days.
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So, Tuesday night, I went to turn my laptop on in order to check my e-mail, as one might do before bed.  And my computer...did nothing.  No reaction.  I tried really hard to keep from having a heart attack, which was my first instinct, and instead did everything I could think of to try and coax a reaction out of Delilah.  Nothing.  So on Wednesday we took a journey to the Apple store downtown.

I would like to make a motion to automatically saint all four Apple servicepeople who helped me.  The two Genius Bar dudes for doing esoteric and mysterious things to my precious laptop whilst simultaneously soothing and reassuring me (I was a little jumpy about the whole thing), and most especially the two people I had to call to activate my Applecare service plan a year after I was supposed to (they really, really didn't have to do this, and probably shouldn't have, but it was not clear to me when I got the service package and it saved me an ASSTON of money).  Long story short: they couldn't tell me definitively what was wrong with her, except that it was probably an internal hardware issue, my harddrive would most likely not be corrupted (but they'd back it up for me anyway, just in case), and that it was a damn good thing it was still under warranty because SHIT would this be expensive without it.  So I am without a laptop until Wednesday, but hopefully she is saveable and I will get my sturdy little blackMac back.  I like her, she has served me well.

Other than that, awkwardsauce intern continues to fail at life, and I got paid a whole bunch more today than I thought I would.  It was pretty damn sweet.  Also, Shadowrun: Round One went pretty awesomely, and it was a whole lot of fun.  My character is proving to be just as fun as I anticipated, and I think it will be a good campaign.

I really want some ice cream.  Is that weird?  And I've discovered that fourth time is the charm for Star Trek.  I am set until it comes out on DVD, and then I will watch it over and over and over again.
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If I was worth anything at all as a human being, I would have spent some time in the last few days writing something worthwhile.  Instead of working on my Shadowrun character.  Who is awesome, by the way.

I have been descending further and further into complete nerditude, and I am one hundred percent comfortable with this.  I blame part of it on the boyfriend, because he is SUCH a nerd, but he is also a whole lot of fun to nerd with (which is why I'm now willing, nay, excited, to spend vast amounts of money on little models of robots and gunslingers and elves, spend vast amounts of time painting them, and then pushing them around a table to the rolls of dice).  A third-party friend of mine is running a Shadowrun campaign starting Thursday, for which I am very stoked, because I have created a character that's a bit like Paris Hilton, only smart, bitter, and an elf.  With more access to guns and a more interesting drug habit.  Oh, she's going to be fun.

Also, I am very very torn on this whole dog issue.  On the one hand, I would very much like to go to one of the pound-type places to rescue a dog who might otherwise be euthanized.  On the other, because those places literally take every animal that comes their way, I know that they don't screen their animals as well, so I won't have any idea what kind of health or behavioral problems I'd be taking home with me, the way I would if I adopted from a no-kill shelter.  While I want to be completely altruistic about this, I also don't want to end up with a vicious little thing that also has heartworm.  It bears thinking on.

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I was going to post a big long thing here about a horrifying nightmare I had last night, and a mini-rant about how some of the rules animal shelters have set up are ridiculous, but then DW totally ate my entire post.  So, to sum up:

1. Had a nightmare last night of trying to save Dan (my friend who's been causing all the drama) from a shark attack, not being able to, and finding him drowned and dead.  Have determined that this means my brains want me to talk to him, even though I don't think it's in my best interest.  It's apparently causing me anxiety, so I have to try and do SOMETHING about it.

2. Went downtown today with my friend Ed and his Bitchface Girlfriend (for anyone who heard this story, that's the girl who accused me of being a homewrecker last summer.  Today we apparently decided we were going to ignore that incident).  It was fun except for Bitchface, who has an annoying tendency to try and lecture me about things I already know about (yes, I DO know that it is best to buy surgical steel body jewelry, CAN YOU COUNT THE PIERCINGS IN MY HEAD, WOMAN).  We stopped at the Chicago Humane Society, who told me I couldn't adopt a particular dog (this dog, to be precise) because she was considered "high risk," and I'd never owned a dog by myself before.  Never mind that I have EXTENSIVE experience with rescue dogs, or that I worked in a bording center for three years with dogs ranging from mild to monster, or that I currently share space with a 50 pound hound that's a bundle of neuroses.  Also never mind the fact that the rules don't appear to apply once you get to the interview phase of adopting, since they call references and quiz you deeply about your background.  They wouldn't even let me PLAY with this dog.  I was kinda peeved.

3. Had a lovely evening in with my boyfriend, in which we ate tasty pastas, watched Rome, and I got some painting done.  I'll tell you about the hobby stuffs later, when I'm not so desperate for sleeeeeeps.

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I feel like I've been assimilated into some kind of yuppie collective... I get up at 7 to go to work, wear polo shirts, and have taken to reading the Wall Street Journal on the train and at lunch. Good thing this job is only temporary, or I might actually lose my mind.

Speaking of jobs, I got called in for an interview with the cafe at the Borders in my hometown, and it went pretty much brilliantly. It's a two-interview process, and Laura, the cafe manager I interviewed with yesterday, said she would definitely be calling me about setting up the second interview on either Friday or Monday. She said she was really impressed with my experience, and how I answered her hypothetical "WHAT IF THIS HAPPENS" questions, and I think that the fact that the hospital Java House serves more people in two hours than the Borders does all day convinced her I could handle shifts by myself, early morning, weekends, whatever. So I'm pleased about that; if I can do this full time, it'd pretty much be exactly what I wanted for the next couple of years or so.

Until then, I am sitting at a desk in my dad's law office, sorting employee documents so an immigration expert can go through them later and figure out who's an illegal immigrant and who's not. Honestly, it's not that bad; I'm putting it in an Excel document, so I have unrestricted access to the internet, everyone who works here is really nice, and as long as I make progress I can come and go as I please. And sometimes my dad buys me lunch. :3

Wargaming nerdery )

Today I have to have my wisdom teeth checked out by my dentist, and HOPEFULLY he will tell me I can have them pulled, like, tomorrow. They hurt and it's making me whiney...
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Hooray, I FINALLY pre-registered for GenCon.  I'm excited to go, I've never been and I hear it's kind of a big deal - the largest gaming convention in the United States.  I also registered for a couple of events: a seminar on getting published, a panel on the pros and cons of happy endings, and a world-building workshop called Magic, Technology, and Evolution.  I'm going to a gaming convention...and I'm spending the whole day in writing seminars.  I'm more than ok with this; there aren't any tournaments I particularly feel the urge to play in, as it's been too long since I've played D&D (they're all full, anyway) and I don't want to show up to a WarMachine tourny with a half-painted army.

I'm apparently physically unable to paint my minis by myself.  I get discouraged about my technique really easily, which is silly since I haven't been doing it long enough to get discouraged.  And it's not discouragement, exactly...more like I need the comfort of painting in the company of more experienced hobbyists.  That way there's someone there to give me advice, a quick lesson, whatev.  It's more fun, too.

I'm particularly excited to walk around the dealer room - Privateer Press is (hopefully) debuting their newest fation book, which I am absolutely going to buy, and it'll be neat to be able to pick things up directly without having to wait for internet shipping.  They won't be at the nice discount I can get at the War Store, but I figure it evens out once I don't pay for shipping.  This is what I'm telling myself anyway, as I will undoubtedly be spending way too much money at this thing. going slowly.  Well, not as slowly as yesterday, but there's still a lot to be done.  My bookcase and my dresser are both empty, but my desk is still a mess and I haven't even touched the kitchen yet.  But I still have most of today and also most of tomorrow....after I get my tattoo.  Yay!

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