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I am literally so appalled I can't vocally articulate it.  Instead, I'm going to do it with evocative prose.

So Squatter Roommate got a week's extension on moving out, because my landlord is a more decent human being than I am.  His deadline was yesterday, so you'd expect that he'd spend the extra week packing, preparing, maybe moving some boxes out as a prelim.  Because that would be sensible thing, right?

But no, because it's the sensible and socially responsible thing to do, and Squatter Roommate has proven to be neither of those things.  My landlord came up to check on things around one yesterday afternoon, when SR had not only failed to pack up any of his shit, but completely disappeared.  He didn't packing up until 2 a.m. THIS MORNING.  While I was SLEEPING.  He and his shady friend were banging around moving the goddamn tv in the middle of the fucking night.


Apparently, he asked Billy if he could leave one or two things on the porch until he could come back for them, by Wednesday at the latest.  "One or two things" apparently means A HUGE FUCKING PILE OF CRAP, because SERIOUSLY, there were six coats, about eight hundred pairs of shoes (I know women who own fewer shoes than this asshole), like three boxes of books, his fucking guitar amp, and a small end table. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.  SR has a very different definition of "moving out" than I do, and he's really lucky that Billy didn't let me throw all his shit out into the alley.  Because I REALLY wanted to.

He was a filthy, filthy man, and when he left the room he left a residue of grime on the walls and an atmosphere of STINK.  A whole day of scrubbing with various cleaning products only got the worst of the grime off the walls, and I can still SMELL him under the Pine-Sol.  I sound like a fucking crazy person, but I really can't stress enough how thoroughly disgusted with this whole situation I am.

The crowning glory on this whole situation is that when I asked him for his share of the bill money for September and October, months he definitely lived here, he blew me off with a "fuckin' bitch" comment.  EXCUSE ME.  I KNOW YOU ARE PISSED BECAUSE YOU GOT EVICTED, BUT GROW THE HELL UP.  
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I got sent to the Newberry Library to do some research for an attorney in my dad's office.  The moment I stepped into that building, I started composing an entry in which I proclaimed my undying love for this big, beautiful building.  It's white and marble and full of light, with these huge staircases that are so tremendous I just wanted to sit on them all day.  The man checking IDs was friendly and helpful.  I knew that somewhere, in the upper floors, the stacks were waiting for me.  Plus it sits next to this lovely park I never even knew existed.

And then I actually tried to obtain the book I needed.

I should say, I knew I wouldn't be able to check out this book.  I was fully aware that I would have to photocopy
the pages that I needed.  I was armed with the title, author, call number, and page numbers.  I figured I would walk in, pay my standard ten cents a page, and take the train home.  But it was not to be.  First, they issued me a day pass, rather than a long-term one, without explaining to me that that was what I was getting.  (I still have no idea how to obtain a longer-than-one-day pass, even though I followed their website's procedure.)

To actually get the book I needed to submit a call number request and have it brought to me, and this was only after I had to wait to be assigned a seat in the reading room.  Then it turns out you can only photocopy up to 30 pages out of one book.  Which is fine, whatever, I'm sure there's some sort of waste prevention going on there.  And then they wouldn't let me make my own photocopies, I had to fill out ANOTHER request with my page numbers on it.


And seriously, the staff in the reading room acted like I was this huge imposition on them.  Like making my photocopies was this MASSIVE imposition EVEN THOUGH it's THEIR JOB.  

No one told me when my copies were ready, the guy at the register was a snot, and they took my card away when I left.  Because writing "SEPTEMBER 23RD ONLY" on it was not enough.

I just felt like, the whole time I was there, I was treated like an inconvenience.  And it's supposed to be this big-deal library, with fantastic archives and rare materials and I'm sure it has all that.  But damn, are they stingy about letting you see it.

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