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 So it's been a while.  I feel like I may have overloaded myself with internet projects, but I really like all of them, so I've just gotta balance them better.  To recap:  Boycott BluRay (movie reviews and other stuff I want to say about film), Alternative Read (the book version), My Bird Stands on One Foot (my tumblr, mostly reposted tattoo photos and owls with their heads upside down), and my newest project, If the truth is out there.... (wherein I'm chronicling my venture in re-watching the entirety of The X-Files).

Enough self-promotion. :D

My big news, I guess, is that my mom and I joined Weight Watchers.  I gained A LOT of weight in college, and the people in my family are not known for being skinny - obesity is a danger that I unfortunately face, and it terrifies me.  My way of battling this is to learn how to eat NOW, while I can still lose weight with (relative) ease, so that when I'm older and my already poor metabolism slows down even more, I won't balloon into a hippo and I'll already have established a habit of healthy eating.  I've been doing it for four weeks and I've lost 8.6 pounds; my pants are looser, and I honestly feel physically better.  I was having back pains that are clearing up, it's easier to wake up in the mornings, and I'm getting noticeably stronger and my stamina is better.  And I don't feel starved or deprived; mainly I'm just not snacking mindlessly and I cook a lot more.  Also I don't go out to eat for lunch except on Mondays after weigh-in when my mom and I get sushi.  I'm really feeling good about the program.

My reward for losing 20 pounds is going to be a tattoo - two goldfinches, a male and a female, flying down my ankle onto my foot.  The finches are for my parents; we got a thistle feeder a long time ago so we could watch the goldfinches in our yard, and the first summer colors finches (that really bright, gorgeous yellow) that we see have always been cause for celebration.  We had a little mourning when west nile killed so much of the songbird population in Oak Park, and when they came back we celebrated.

My birthday is on Saturday and that's pretty awesome.  I'm turning 23, and I feel like I've finally got a plan in place for the next couple of years.  Not this fall, but next fall I'm going back to school to get a Masters in Library Science, because I'd really like to work in archives and preservation.  It's nice to have a plan - this coming year I'll be getting my application together, which gives me a clear goal and timeline, which I need to get things done.  I'm looking forward to it.

I hope everyone had a fun Free Comic Book Day! 

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Meet Dizzy! :D

He's wonderful  Hasn't shown any fear at all since I picked him up from the airport on Friday.  We had a vet checkup yesterday to make sure everything was working correctly, and he only really got twitterpated when they trimmed his nails.  He's eating, which was a bit of a worry of mine... The woman at the pet shop that I Tweeted about was mainly concerned that I was getting him too young, that he wouldn't actually be weaned when I got him and thus wouldn't eat the pellets or produce I offered.  He's a little wary of the produce stuff, but we're learning slowly that it's ok - yesterday we learned that carrots and corn are AWESOME.

We also had bathtime, which was brilliant - once he figured out that the dish wasn't dangerous, he got right in there and was ruffling all his feathers to get wet.  Birdie bathtime is one of my very favorite things. :D

Today I'm going grocery shopping to get some highly nutritious produce and beans for him; one of things everyone (including my vet) agrees on is that variety and a healthy diet are some of the most important things in conure care.  Apparently the leading cause of shortened lifespans in conures in improper diet, so DIzzy and I are enacted Mission: Conure Salad today.  I have a recipe for a really good bean/rice/corn mix and also a good salad combo for him that I'd like to try him on.

Work last night was fine, a bit boring.  I am concerned about how many hours I will actually be getting versus how many hours they said I could get, but everything will change in the fall when a couple people go back to school, so I'm going to sit tight and see what happens.  I'm the lowest person on the totem pole at the moment, so even if I try and scrape more hours I don't think I'll have much luck.  But I have something which is better than nothing, and it fills the time well.


Jul. 8th, 2009 06:05 pm
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Here he is, the beautiful baby green cheeked conure who's going to be shipped to me:

So I don't spam your flist with bird photos, but he's SO CUTE )
He's two months old, and Keith the breeder has been very helpful so far.  We've discussed the shipping details, he's going to take care of all of those preparations, and now I'm just waiting to hear about the deposit and payment they need from me.  This weekend I'm going to buy a birdcage, and once I find out when he's going to get here I'll be able to stock up on correct bird food.  Guys, I'm so excited I've already decided to name him Dizzy. :D

I don't technically know that he's a he, because conures aren't sexually dimorphic, but since I'm not going to be breeding him I'm not sure whether I want to have him sexed or not.  Dizzy is a nice, gender neutral (and completely adorable) name.  

Can you tell how stoked I am? :D:D:D

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I've decided to be a responsible pet owner and put my search for a rescue dog on indefinite hold.  My living situation is simply too unstable to justify getting one - I want to be able to provide assurance and the guarantee of a good home for a dog, and right now I have larger priorities.  Does that mean I'm not getting a beastie?  Oh no.

I've had parakeets for years.  I love them - they're little balls of feathers full of surprising amounts of intelligence, energy, and personality.  But frankly after Walter, my last keet, I don't think I could stomach getting another one.  He was pretty much the perfect little guy, and after him, I think keets would just make me sad.  But this is why there are multiple species of birds.

Birds make awesome, awesome pets.  They're small, but really smart, and affectionate and very silly.  I've been doing some research into larger species of birds, and I'm now making inquiries into green cheeked conures.

They're personable, affectionate, intelligent, and like to be petted and scratched (my keets were always a little handshy).  I'm just so thrilled thinking about having one of these sweeties.  We'll see what my inquiry leads to - the only problem I'm running into right now is that there aren't any breeders in Illinois with hatchlings at the moment, and I don't know how I feel about having a baby shipped to me (a lot of breeders do it, so I'm asking around what the process is and how safe it is, so we'll see).  I might end up driving seven hours down to Missouri to pick up my baby, but you know what?  I'd totally do it.

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