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I got sent to the Newberry Library to do some research for an attorney in my dad's office.  The moment I stepped into that building, I started composing an entry in which I proclaimed my undying love for this big, beautiful building.  It's white and marble and full of light, with these huge staircases that are so tremendous I just wanted to sit on them all day.  The man checking IDs was friendly and helpful.  I knew that somewhere, in the upper floors, the stacks were waiting for me.  Plus it sits next to this lovely park I never even knew existed.

And then I actually tried to obtain the book I needed.

I should say, I knew I wouldn't be able to check out this book.  I was fully aware that I would have to photocopy
the pages that I needed.  I was armed with the title, author, call number, and page numbers.  I figured I would walk in, pay my standard ten cents a page, and take the train home.  But it was not to be.  First, they issued me a day pass, rather than a long-term one, without explaining to me that that was what I was getting.  (I still have no idea how to obtain a longer-than-one-day pass, even though I followed their website's procedure.)

To actually get the book I needed to submit a call number request and have it brought to me, and this was only after I had to wait to be assigned a seat in the reading room.  Then it turns out you can only photocopy up to 30 pages out of one book.  Which is fine, whatever, I'm sure there's some sort of waste prevention going on there.  And then they wouldn't let me make my own photocopies, I had to fill out ANOTHER request with my page numbers on it.


And seriously, the staff in the reading room acted like I was this huge imposition on them.  Like making my photocopies was this MASSIVE imposition EVEN THOUGH it's THEIR JOB.  

No one told me when my copies were ready, the guy at the register was a snot, and they took my card away when I left.  Because writing "SEPTEMBER 23RD ONLY" on it was not enough.

I just felt like, the whole time I was there, I was treated like an inconvenience.  And it's supposed to be this big-deal library, with fantastic archives and rare materials and I'm sure it has all that.  But damn, are they stingy about letting you see it.


Sep. 15th, 2009 09:52 am
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 I am so phenomenally frustrated with one particular person that I needed to take two minutes of my day to tell you about it.

1. I am a professional, and I have been nothing but sympathetic to your problem.  Please stop treating me like a soulless corporate drone.

2. Your paycheck is being taxed by New Jersey because it is a PAYCHECK you EARNED when you WORKED IN NEW JERSEY.  I understand that tax laws may be a new and scary thing to you, but this is simply how the world works.

3. The more you yell at me to fix your check amount, the less sympathetic I become and the more likely I am to transfer you to the partner in the office who is the least likely to take your bullshit.

4. Yes, you are the person who started the class action.  No, this does not entitle you to special treatment.

I need a better angry icon.
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I went to see two apartments yesterday with my supposed future roommates, and I learned two very valuable things: 

1. My budget concerns are Not The Same as theirs, and

2. They are both ready to move yesterday.

I'm frustrated, because I definitely talked to Rachel and made absolutely clear that the job I will be starting pays $8.25 an hour, and that my price range for rent was going to be between $300 and $400 a month.  One of the places we saw yesterday was $1900 and the other was $1800, neither of which included utilities - apparently Rachel never communicated my financial concerns to the third girl who's involved in all of this (a friend of Rachel's from work who I have met all of twice), and Natasha was looking for places starting at $1500 and moving way up from there.  When I mentioned my concerns Natasha got snippy, throwing out a "Wll, I didn't know we had such tight money restraints" etc.  Which pissed me off, because it's a valuable concern and even though I had thought Rachel and I were agreed on our price range, she obviously didn't tell Natasha.

The second concern I have is that I am simply not ready to move.  I've been home for just over a month, and the idea of rushing out of my parents' home is extremely stressful to me.  I don't intend to live here forever, but the timeline Rachel and I had discussed implied to me that we wouldn't actually be moving until sometime in the fall.  By then I would be ready - I'd have a bit of money saved up, I'd be acclimated to being in town, and so forth.  And now they're both ready to fork over the deposit for this place, and move in like next week, and I simply cannot do that.

I'm angry and a little hurt by the fact that I thought Rachel and I were on the same page, and we're obviously not.  The fact that I talked to her about my constraints and concerns, and the fact that they are being ignored, makes me feel like I'm a tagalong on this whole venture and that it's really about what THEY want (which is a little insulting because I was the one who first brought up the idea of living together with just Rachel, and Natasha is a last-minute addition). 

I'm not looking forward to the conversation I have to have with them today, because they were SO in love with the place we looked at.  But on top of the money and timeframe, it would land me with an hour commute to work, there aren't any grocery stores in the area and none of us has a car, and they don't allow pets, I have solid reasons why this is a bad choice for me.  I dropped the ball a bit when I didn't communicate this to them yesterday, but frankly I didn't want Natasha up in my face again after her shit-fit about my salary.  I'm going to tell Rachel that we're in vastly different places and that I think it would be better if the two of them looked for something to suit their needs, and I'll sit tight until October or November when I can do this without causing massive emotional and financial trouble for myself.  Which I think is frankly more than fair.
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So, Tuesday night, I went to turn my laptop on in order to check my e-mail, as one might do before bed.  And my computer...did nothing.  No reaction.  I tried really hard to keep from having a heart attack, which was my first instinct, and instead did everything I could think of to try and coax a reaction out of Delilah.  Nothing.  So on Wednesday we took a journey to the Apple store downtown.

I would like to make a motion to automatically saint all four Apple servicepeople who helped me.  The two Genius Bar dudes for doing esoteric and mysterious things to my precious laptop whilst simultaneously soothing and reassuring me (I was a little jumpy about the whole thing), and most especially the two people I had to call to activate my Applecare service plan a year after I was supposed to (they really, really didn't have to do this, and probably shouldn't have, but it was not clear to me when I got the service package and it saved me an ASSTON of money).  Long story short: they couldn't tell me definitively what was wrong with her, except that it was probably an internal hardware issue, my harddrive would most likely not be corrupted (but they'd back it up for me anyway, just in case), and that it was a damn good thing it was still under warranty because SHIT would this be expensive without it.  So I am without a laptop until Wednesday, but hopefully she is saveable and I will get my sturdy little blackMac back.  I like her, she has served me well.

Other than that, awkwardsauce intern continues to fail at life, and I got paid a whole bunch more today than I thought I would.  It was pretty damn sweet.  Also, Shadowrun: Round One went pretty awesomely, and it was a whole lot of fun.  My character is proving to be just as fun as I anticipated, and I think it will be a good campaign.

I really want some ice cream.  Is that weird?  And I've discovered that fourth time is the charm for Star Trek.  I am set until it comes out on DVD, and then I will watch it over and over and over again.
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I was going to post a big long thing here about a horrifying nightmare I had last night, and a mini-rant about how some of the rules animal shelters have set up are ridiculous, but then DW totally ate my entire post.  So, to sum up:

1. Had a nightmare last night of trying to save Dan (my friend who's been causing all the drama) from a shark attack, not being able to, and finding him drowned and dead.  Have determined that this means my brains want me to talk to him, even though I don't think it's in my best interest.  It's apparently causing me anxiety, so I have to try and do SOMETHING about it.

2. Went downtown today with my friend Ed and his Bitchface Girlfriend (for anyone who heard this story, that's the girl who accused me of being a homewrecker last summer.  Today we apparently decided we were going to ignore that incident).  It was fun except for Bitchface, who has an annoying tendency to try and lecture me about things I already know about (yes, I DO know that it is best to buy surgical steel body jewelry, CAN YOU COUNT THE PIERCINGS IN MY HEAD, WOMAN).  We stopped at the Chicago Humane Society, who told me I couldn't adopt a particular dog (this dog, to be precise) because she was considered "high risk," and I'd never owned a dog by myself before.  Never mind that I have EXTENSIVE experience with rescue dogs, or that I worked in a bording center for three years with dogs ranging from mild to monster, or that I currently share space with a 50 pound hound that's a bundle of neuroses.  Also never mind the fact that the rules don't appear to apply once you get to the interview phase of adopting, since they call references and quiz you deeply about your background.  They wouldn't even let me PLAY with this dog.  I was kinda peeved.

3. Had a lovely evening in with my boyfriend, in which we ate tasty pastas, watched Rome, and I got some painting done.  I'll tell you about the hobby stuffs later, when I'm not so desperate for sleeeeeeps.

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Yesterday I thought it might be interesting to look up what it takes to get a paralegal certificate, since that's just the official name for the work I do for my dad anyway.  I was thinking getting the certificate might be a good idea, since I could probably make more money and get work at other lawfirms.  And what did I find out that the average paralegal can make in a year?

Up to $60K.  A year.  My mom said that the paralegals working at CitiCorp when she was there were making <B>$80K</B>.

So yeah.  New plan, guys.  Not just a frivolous one, either - I LIKE working in my dad's firm.  It's interesting work, there's always something to do, and I'm smack in the middle of the city.  I do not want to go to law school or become a lawyer, but yeah, I do find law interesting and I know I can handle the work of a paralegal.  Plus, there are several accredited online programs OR schools in the Chicago area I could attend; with my BA, it wouldn't take more than a year or two to finish the accredation. 

Although, I was very irritated with the Kaplan people yesterday - barely twenty minutes after I requested info from their site, they were CALLING me at work to talk to me.  When I politely explained that I was at work, and would there be a better time for me to call them back? the woman on the phone said it would only take a minute and proceeded to talk at me for twenty more minutes.  I confess to being rather rude, since I was, you know, at WORK, but she seriously just kept going.  I didn't want to hang up on her, since I am interested in their program, but really?  Even after I said I couldn't talk, because I was at work, which is a completely reasonable place for me to be at 3:30 in the afternoon, you had to keeeeeeeeep going?

And then later in the day I got ANOTHER call.  It wouldn't have been so bad, except I indicated on the sites that I was not looking for immediate enrollment - that this was a very in-the-future sort of deal, so no, I am not going to know exactly what I am doing NOW THIS INSTANT.  And repeating your questions about eight times won't get a better answer from me.  So I'm screening my calls for the next couple of days - I don't like being trapped on the phone with nothing useful to say, especially when I didn't ask for the call.

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