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I had a funk-ass horror dream last night... I don't remember everything, but the general gist was that there was a Prince, and his birthday was coming up, and I was some kind of minor hanger-on to his entourage.  At one point we (the Prince and six or so of his buddies, and myself) killed a really massive squid/octopus/thing, and cut off all of its tentacles.  I pushed the now-legless body stump back into the ocean, and then we retired to some pub to tell the Prince how awesome he was.

The next day, or at some point in the undefinable future of dreams, we go swimming or something, and what should come rising out of the depths but THE RAVAGED TENTACLES OF THE OCTOPUS.  This is one of two scenes I remember very well, because frankly ocean where I can't see the bottom scares the bejeezus out of me.  So the angry octopus comes rising out of the deep dark ocean, wraps what's left of his stumps around the Prince and drags him off to who knows where.  There is much thrashing and shrieking from the entourage, but the Prince is totally drowned and dead.

A little later again, we're walking across some rampart dressed all in mourning, and I turn to look over the edge of the stone wall out into some kind of bay, and I see three really, really awful things:

1. A really, really big, chained outline of Cthulhu under the surface of the water (even in the dream, at this point I was like, well, never watching THAT movie again....) which is really evil and scary and people either don't notice it or don't care; I get the impression that it's a fact of this town's life because of the two other things I see;

2. A retainer poking a bobbing lump that looks like the Prince's head suffused onto the octopus' body out into the bay toward the Cthulhu shadow;

3. A tradesmen of some kind (I want to say a baker, but I don't know for sure) accidentally slip and fall into the water, and emerge with a literal target branded on his face.  While we watch, he turns into a raving madman who, after people try and restrain him, rips off his own arms.

On waking, I realized that I can never watch that Cthulhu movie ever again, and that I probably shouldn't play the RPG even though I kinda want to. 

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Ikea was predictably awesome.  I procured a very nice glass shelving unit, to properly display my miniatures (and in doing so, hopefully get some more painting done on them), and also a duvet cover, pillow cases, and comforter for my bed.  I have always wanted one of the sets that stores have on display - the made bed with the eight hundred matching pillows and color-coordinated sheets - because they always look so PRETTY to me.  Well, now I have the beginnings of one, and if Ikea had had sheets with better thread counts I'd have matching sheets already as well.  But this is why God invented Target.

I'm playing in a War Machine tournament in two weeks, and my goal was to have all 500 points that I'm playing with painted by then.  I'm starting to doubt my ability to do this, because when it comes to painting figures I am SLOW.  I spent two hours or so on my caster and he's only up to about half done, and I'm not even sure I like how he's coming out.  If I really hate him when I finish I'll strip him after the tourney, but right now I've got enough to do.  I've got several pirates to finish, as well as one of my character solos and (I'm sure) there are bits of my jacks that need paint.  At least Billy is letting me borrow one unit, so I not only don't have to paint them but I didn't have to buy them yet.


Weirdly enough, the hanging-out dreams with ZQ continue.  Last night I think we were, like, sitting on a sofa reading with the t.v. on.  It's like my brain needs faux-relaxing time, and has decided it needs it with hot dudes.

(I'm totally ok with this)


Sep. 1st, 2009 10:46 pm
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I had a dream the other night in which Zachary Quinto and I were hanging out.  Just chilling, no nudity or anything (much to my waking dismay...).  We were sitting at a table somewhere, and he was doing a crossword puzzle, and I was laughing about how much better he was at it than I was.  He was really a groovy dude, very laid back and fun to hang out with.  I hope in reality he's as cool as he was in my dream.

At one point, I was like "where's Chris Pine?"  And ZQ was all, "he was gonna come but I guess he couldn't."  Which is only notable because of the two I am definitely more attracted to Chris Pine, so if he HAD been there I can only assume it would have been a very different sort of dream.

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