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Quickquick notes before I leave work for the day:

I didn't watch the Golden Globes, but I did see the red carpet photos - I'm going to go on record and say that Zoe Saldana looked eight kinds of fabulous, and I HATED Maggie Gyllenhal's dress.  But I think my personal best-dressed for the evening was Christina Hendricks - girl got CURVES, and bravo to Christian Siriano (yay Project Runway winners who actually go on to careers!) for not only embracing those curves, but constructing a ruffle that was not only flattering but perfectly fitted.  Also, that color? TO DIE FOR.  I have big boobs, Christian!  Can you make me a fabulous evening gown?

In less dressed news, I had no idea Amanda Palmer was such an attention whore.  Really?  You had to get undressed on the red carpet, not shave your armpits, and be basically naked underneath?  I am sure she is a talented musician (I have never actually listened to the Dresden Dolls), but this kinda makes me not want to.

In other news, red carpet fashion makes me writhe in jealousy because it is basically my life-long dream to get dressed to the nines in some ridiculously expensive dress and go to an awards show.  I used to want to attend the Oscars exclusively, but now I think I'd rather go to the Globes because it looks like people have more fun.

Work  It's good, actually.  I'm still doing part-time assistant-type stuff for Douchebag & Co., which is interesting because at this point I don't think they could wipe their own asses without me.  I took a week off and Douchebag Jr. kept asking my dad if I was ever coming back.  So it's nice to know I'm indespensible.

Dizzy's been going through a hyper-aggressive biting stage, but the internet tells me that this, too, shall pass.  Until then I've been more vigilant about punishment, even though the extent to which I can punish something that weighs less than a standard envelope is putting him on the floor and ignoring him.  We'll see if it works.

Last thing: my parents may be getting a new car, which means I'm getting the old one.  I've never owned a car's kind of exciting and kind of expensive all at once.

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You can read now about all the weird shit I find on the web, as well as some random lists and the crazy crap my bird does, here: My bird stands on one foot.

One of the coolest parts about Christmas day was not only the awesome slow cooker I got (it's red) but that I made waffles from scratch for breakfast.  They were delicious (and my dad made bacon).

I watched The Hangover last night, and I laughed so hard I almost cried.  Seriously, talk about underrated films.

Speaking of underrated and overrated movies, I'm putting together my own "decade of cinema" lists for those very things, and I'd like to hear from you.  I've got my own ideas, but what films did you think were critically under- or overrated?  (Think of these as my "I know people are going to disagree, but dammit, I HATED <whatever>, and it's MY list" lists.)

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 On Friday I skipped work to have a mole removed from my foot.  The mole was not cancerous, but my dermatologist said it was definitely a "high risk" blemish - words that made me nervous enough to have the whole thing cut out.  So now I have four stitches in the really thin skin right about my heel on the inside of my right foot.  It hurts to walk, so I've been moving in this kind of twisted club foot-esque fashion.  When strangers ask me why I'm limping, I've been telling them mysteriously that I have a congenital birth defect.

But seriously, if I don't know you, why would you care about my foot?  Or expect me to share?

Before I got my parrot, I did a lot of reading on them - what they eat, what their habits are, that kind of thing.  Because I am a responsible pet owner.  Almost everything I read said that conures like to have hidey holes, things to poke their heads in, and things to sleep in.  So when I set up Dizzy's sleeping cage I included a fuzzy sleeping tent.  I had no idea if he was actually using it or not, because he always wakes up before I do; but Monday morning, I slept all the way through to my alarm and realized Dizzy wasn't making noise in his cage, waiting to be let out.  I pulled the sheet off and had a split second panic attack because I couldn't see him in the cage at all - until I noticed the long red tail feathers poking out the end of the fuzzy tent.  He didn't move or make a sound until I tugged on his tail feathers, wherein he immediately poked his head out the other end all "What?  A guy can't get five more minutes?"

And it was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

There are three firms that work on the floor that my dad's firm is on.  One is a two-man team that just broke off of my dad's firm.  They're very used to using the assistants in the office to do their filing and such, but one of them is such an asshole that as soon as they formed their own firm all of us were like "Oh good, we don't have to deal with them anymore."  But since they do still need administrative help, I've been hired to do part time work for them (about 5-7 hours a week) at an additional income of $20 an hour (which is slightly more than my normal hourly rate).  As a consequence, I will end up staying later or coming in earlier more often so as not to affect my salary, but hey, extra cash is extra cash.  I will gladly come in an hour early to the tune of an extra $100 a week.

I got my shipping notice for my copy of Star Trek.  While I'm slightly annoyed that I don't have it NOW THIS INSTANT, I'm willing to wait for the sake of the discounted price I paid for it.

My mom has decided she wants to see more movies in theaters, a result of which is that I get to see more movies in theaters.  We saw Coco Before Chanel on Sunday, which was pretty much brilliant, and tonight we're going to see An Education.  I've also been holding weekly movie nights, the goal of which is to bring films most people haven't seen before, and so far it's a resounding success.  Our roster so far:
The Slipper and the Rose
A Boy and His Dog
Night of the Hunter
(which I'd seen!  Did Seth show me this?  I don't remember!)
I've got Saving Face on the backburner, and my mom gave me a pamphlet with cult films on it from the library, so undoubtedly movie nights will only get more interesting.
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I've been sleeping rather well, although I woke up this morning and my room felt like the Sahara.  All our radiators are on now, and leave a horrible whistling and dry heat in their wake.  The heat bothers me, and the noise upsets Dizzy like nothing else I've ever seen.  This morning he was making sad little distressed noises that were pretty much heartbreaking; I sat with him snuggled into my chest until I had to leave for work, which seemed to soothe him a bit.  He's currently hunkered down under my ear and into the crook of my neck.

I've been handed a project at work that is almost too big for me.  I'm calculating damages for an entire class, and the defense council demanded it today before they filed a motion to compel.  Suffice to say, I did not get it done; I had to take some of it home so I can hopefully get it done by the end of the week.  If they file today it won't go through until Friday, so hopefully it'll be done by then so my attorney can be like, "Here Judge, this is what they so doucheishly asked for, we have it right here."

I ate a caramel apple yesterday, and it tasted like autumn.  All the leaves are turning color and looking beautiful, and I can wear my awesome woolly slippers around the house.  I love fall.
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I feel like hell.  My head hurts, my stomach hurts like I'm hungry but I have no interest in food, and I feel sweatingly hot and shiveringly cold at the same time.  Last night I turned my fan off because I decided it would be better to sweat than to be too cold and too hot at the same time, and I woke up absolutely drenched.  I've turned off the AC in my house prematurely because I'm having so many temperature issues.  So now I'm overheated and sweaty again, but I also don't feel like I'm going to freeze my skin off.  Also I am drinking LOTS of orange juice.

Suffice to say I called in sick to work today and tomorrow, which I hated doing but I really think I needed to.  Being on my feet for five hours when standing up makes me dizzy, and also being around food when I'm pretty sure I've got the flu, seems like an EXTREMELY bad idea to me.  So now I'm watching movies with Dizzy, who is happily trying to eat the keys off my laptop.

What I really want is some Italian ice, because it's cold and refreshing and not filling.  But I don't trust myself to drive.
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Dizzy is doing wonderfully; my primary concern was that he wouldn't eat, and so far he's eaten everything I've put in his dish.  Favorites so far include blackberries, spinach, watermelon, and peaches.  Zucchini, carrots, and tomatoes, as well as the pellets he gets in the morning, are liked but not voraciously devoured like the fruit has been.  Today we're learning that the playgym (a little wooden structure with a ladder and a swing for him to play on while he's out of the cage) isn't nearly as scary as we thought on day one.

After some landlord tomfoolery, Irene and I have scheduled our apartment checkout for tomorrow, so I'll be in Iowa City for most of Friday.  If anyone wants to come help me move stuff, or say hi, they would be most welcome - haven't seen you guys in a while!

Not much else to report.  Dizzy is trying to hide in my ponytail right now, which is pretty cute - except for when he tugs on my hair.  That's less than cute.
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Meet Dizzy! :D

He's wonderful  Hasn't shown any fear at all since I picked him up from the airport on Friday.  We had a vet checkup yesterday to make sure everything was working correctly, and he only really got twitterpated when they trimmed his nails.  He's eating, which was a bit of a worry of mine... The woman at the pet shop that I Tweeted about was mainly concerned that I was getting him too young, that he wouldn't actually be weaned when I got him and thus wouldn't eat the pellets or produce I offered.  He's a little wary of the produce stuff, but we're learning slowly that it's ok - yesterday we learned that carrots and corn are AWESOME.

We also had bathtime, which was brilliant - once he figured out that the dish wasn't dangerous, he got right in there and was ruffling all his feathers to get wet.  Birdie bathtime is one of my very favorite things. :D

Today I'm going grocery shopping to get some highly nutritious produce and beans for him; one of things everyone (including my vet) agrees on is that variety and a healthy diet are some of the most important things in conure care.  Apparently the leading cause of shortened lifespans in conures in improper diet, so DIzzy and I are enacted Mission: Conure Salad today.  I have a recipe for a really good bean/rice/corn mix and also a good salad combo for him that I'd like to try him on.

Work last night was fine, a bit boring.  I am concerned about how many hours I will actually be getting versus how many hours they said I could get, but everything will change in the fall when a couple people go back to school, so I'm going to sit tight and see what happens.  I'm the lowest person on the totem pole at the moment, so even if I try and scrape more hours I don't think I'll have much luck.  But I have something which is better than nothing, and it fills the time well.

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I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at the midnight showing, and I think I was disappointed.  It is sitting a little oddly with me, since I realized I don't actually remember that much of the book; the sense I got, though, was that while I enjoyed the movie I saw, I think they made bad choices as to what scenes to leave out and what to include.
Half Blood Prince spoilers )

In other news, my bird is arriving at the airport tomorrow around 2:30.  I'm super excited; I made a vet appointment for Saturday, so I can meet the vet staff and they can meet the bird and make sure everything is ok, and so that if (God forbid) an emergency does happen I won't be taking him to a stranger.  Today I'm going to check out a specialty bird store, to see if I can find a playgym for him, so he has something to monkey around on when he's out of the cage. :D

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In other news, I'm going to the midnight show of Harry Potter tonight, and I'm totally excited.  Today has been a very good day; I got a couple of polo shirts for work (they're Converse, so they have a neat little star emblem on them) and I also got Across the Universe at a 40% discount because, unlike the Java House, Borders ENCOURAGES their employees to sign up for their customer program.  I discovered that Trader Joe's has those delicious ice cream mochi balls, but that they didn't have hearts of palm today, which made me really sad.

Wow, I really thought I had more news than that.  Um, I learned how to play Warhammer 40K the other night, and it was a whole lot of fun, so my nerd quotient just extrapolated that much more.  It's a much simpler game than WarMachine, which I appreciate, even though I love WarMachine a whole lot.  My first game was not entirely humiliating; Billy played Chaos, and I underused one of my units, but I handled myself pretty admirably.
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I sent in my down payment on Dizzy, so he is officially the bird I will be receiving.  I bought a birdcage and bedding today, and will be getting some toys this weekend (I'm going to wait to get food until RIGHT before he arrives, just so I know it won't spoil or anything).  So now Keith the breeder just needs to arrange the flight, and Dizzy and I can begin our birdie friendship.  :D

I also started my job at Borders FINALLY.  I went in on Thursday and filled out all of the paperwork, and did some training stuff.  It's funny, it took me like four weeks at the Java House to get to learn how to use the espresso machine, and Borders got me on it the very first day - my supervisor had me make a latte, a cappuchino, and three different kinds of mocha before my "shift" was over.  I'm working next week Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, and hopefully after my training is done I'll be getting more hours as I can work more by myself.  It'll be nice to have something to DO, although I'll be sad to see my free time go out the window.

I'm almost done painting a unit of Dryads for my wood elf army, which is significant to me because they will be my very first completed unit of any models.  I had to take a break from my elf guard because their cloaks ended up the wrong color, it's a much more teal shade of blue than I wanted (I'm doing a winter themed army, so I'm trying for a more gray color).  I think I'll be ready to rethink them following my success flush after the Dryads.  /nerd moment

I watched Dead Snow tonight with Billy and my dad, and EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE.  It's NAZI ZOMBIES.  NO REALLY.  ZOMBIE THAT ARE ALSO NAZIS.  And it's Norwegian, too, so it features a whole lot of Scandinavian rock music. :D


Jul. 8th, 2009 06:05 pm
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Here he is, the beautiful baby green cheeked conure who's going to be shipped to me:

So I don't spam your flist with bird photos, but he's SO CUTE )
He's two months old, and Keith the breeder has been very helpful so far.  We've discussed the shipping details, he's going to take care of all of those preparations, and now I'm just waiting to hear about the deposit and payment they need from me.  This weekend I'm going to buy a birdcage, and once I find out when he's going to get here I'll be able to stock up on correct bird food.  Guys, I'm so excited I've already decided to name him Dizzy. :D

I don't technically know that he's a he, because conures aren't sexually dimorphic, but since I'm not going to be breeding him I'm not sure whether I want to have him sexed or not.  Dizzy is a nice, gender neutral (and completely adorable) name.  

Can you tell how stoked I am? :D:D:D

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