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 So it's been a while.  I feel like I may have overloaded myself with internet projects, but I really like all of them, so I've just gotta balance them better.  To recap:  Boycott BluRay (movie reviews and other stuff I want to say about film), Alternative Read (the book version), My Bird Stands on One Foot (my tumblr, mostly reposted tattoo photos and owls with their heads upside down), and my newest project, If the truth is out there.... (wherein I'm chronicling my venture in re-watching the entirety of The X-Files).

Enough self-promotion. :D

My big news, I guess, is that my mom and I joined Weight Watchers.  I gained A LOT of weight in college, and the people in my family are not known for being skinny - obesity is a danger that I unfortunately face, and it terrifies me.  My way of battling this is to learn how to eat NOW, while I can still lose weight with (relative) ease, so that when I'm older and my already poor metabolism slows down even more, I won't balloon into a hippo and I'll already have established a habit of healthy eating.  I've been doing it for four weeks and I've lost 8.6 pounds; my pants are looser, and I honestly feel physically better.  I was having back pains that are clearing up, it's easier to wake up in the mornings, and I'm getting noticeably stronger and my stamina is better.  And I don't feel starved or deprived; mainly I'm just not snacking mindlessly and I cook a lot more.  Also I don't go out to eat for lunch except on Mondays after weigh-in when my mom and I get sushi.  I'm really feeling good about the program.

My reward for losing 20 pounds is going to be a tattoo - two goldfinches, a male and a female, flying down my ankle onto my foot.  The finches are for my parents; we got a thistle feeder a long time ago so we could watch the goldfinches in our yard, and the first summer colors finches (that really bright, gorgeous yellow) that we see have always been cause for celebration.  We had a little mourning when west nile killed so much of the songbird population in Oak Park, and when they came back we celebrated.

My birthday is on Saturday and that's pretty awesome.  I'm turning 23, and I feel like I've finally got a plan in place for the next couple of years.  Not this fall, but next fall I'm going back to school to get a Masters in Library Science, because I'd really like to work in archives and preservation.  It's nice to have a plan - this coming year I'll be getting my application together, which gives me a clear goal and timeline, which I need to get things done.  I'm looking forward to it.

I hope everyone had a fun Free Comic Book Day! 

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Yesterday I thought it might be interesting to look up what it takes to get a paralegal certificate, since that's just the official name for the work I do for my dad anyway.  I was thinking getting the certificate might be a good idea, since I could probably make more money and get work at other lawfirms.  And what did I find out that the average paralegal can make in a year?

Up to $60K.  A year.  My mom said that the paralegals working at CitiCorp when she was there were making <B>$80K</B>.

So yeah.  New plan, guys.  Not just a frivolous one, either - I LIKE working in my dad's firm.  It's interesting work, there's always something to do, and I'm smack in the middle of the city.  I do not want to go to law school or become a lawyer, but yeah, I do find law interesting and I know I can handle the work of a paralegal.  Plus, there are several accredited online programs OR schools in the Chicago area I could attend; with my BA, it wouldn't take more than a year or two to finish the accredation. 

Although, I was very irritated with the Kaplan people yesterday - barely twenty minutes after I requested info from their site, they were CALLING me at work to talk to me.  When I politely explained that I was at work, and would there be a better time for me to call them back? the woman on the phone said it would only take a minute and proceeded to talk at me for twenty more minutes.  I confess to being rather rude, since I was, you know, at WORK, but she seriously just kept going.  I didn't want to hang up on her, since I am interested in their program, but really?  Even after I said I couldn't talk, because I was at work, which is a completely reasonable place for me to be at 3:30 in the afternoon, you had to keeeeeeeeep going?

And then later in the day I got ANOTHER call.  It wouldn't have been so bad, except I indicated on the sites that I was not looking for immediate enrollment - that this was a very in-the-future sort of deal, so no, I am not going to know exactly what I am doing NOW THIS INSTANT.  And repeating your questions about eight times won't get a better answer from me.  So I'm screening my calls for the next couple of days - I don't like being trapped on the phone with nothing useful to say, especially when I didn't ask for the call.

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